2017 Ford F250

For Sale: 2017 Ford F250
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Engine Size:
6.7L Diesel V8
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This BEAST of a truck we nicknamed “Poltergeist” was built for former New York Giant BJ Goodson and absolutely lives up to the name because it will give you GOOSEBUMPS! This black 2017 Ford F250 Platinum Crew Cab is nothing short of a monster, lifted on a 10-12” Kelderman air lift kit with Fox Shocks and sitting on MASSIVE 24x14”Specialty forged wheels with 40” Nitto trail grappler tires the size of a baby elephant! If the size of this truck wasn't enough for you to consider this truck a MONSTER we fitted it with a Keldermann grill, BAMFELD Rock lights, a GIANT TriStar exhaust tip…. and did we mention its fitted with a TRAIN HORN! While this truck is BIG and aggressive it's no slouch on fine detail either! With a completely redone and Diamond stitched interior, ipad fitted dashboard, Custom JL Audio System and even has Goodson's signature in the headrests! And when you think things can't get any better… they do because this car was fully painted and themed to match the New York Giants helmet! We really went all out on this build and are excited to continue creating INSANE builds for years to come, so if you have a crazy build idea contact us and let's get started!

For Sale: 2017 Ford F250 For Sale: 2017 Ford F250 For Sale: 2017 Ford F250 For Sale: 2017 Ford F250

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