How We Work


Unfortunately Tv Shows and pop culture have taken away from the definition of the term “restoration”. While most shorten the timeline because they can’t make each program hours upon hours long, we won’t sugarcoat the process. Simply put, a restoration takes time and effort. A restoration is a full frame-off process that entails bringing the body down to metal, fully disassembling the interior, and rebuilding the vehicle entirely with all new materials. New wiring will replace the old wiring, fresh interior components will be added, and all the suspension and frame accessories will be replaced with new equipment. This isn’t a week long process as many may think, and most of the time it takes more than a few months to get each build right. To explain the process a little better, we broke our restorations down into phases, take a look below for a detailed description of each phase:

Discover Phase

The beginning stages of rebuilding a car require disassembly as well as repairs and restoration not only to the body of the vehicle, but the frame, suspension, and much of the interior. In order to determine an estimate and scope of work, our team will need the vehicle to see how in depth the restoration will be. Once the team has seen the vehicle and we come up with a direction and plan of attack of the build, we will be able to begin estimating the restoration.

Estimation Phase

Estimates are a good baseline for a project, but they are exactly as defined: an estimate. We won’t know exactly what it will take until we disassemble and really get into the project. With that being said, we estimate and discuss a general figure (typically range) with our clients to determine the correct approach and direction of the restoration. Our builds start at $100,000.00 and go up depending on the level of complexity and personalization. 

Contracting Phase

Each build is unique, and will have a different approach based on the overall scope of the project. Once we have determined the style and the overall goal of the customer, we put it on paper and get ready to dive in! Any changes after this stage must be documented and requested via e-mail. 

Parts Order Phase

After we have the scope of the project and have determined our approach we will take a deposit to begin ordering the necessary parts for the build. As parts start to arrive, we will begin fabrication and the beginning phase of the project. Of course, throughout different stages of the build, we will reassess and order supporting parts based on the build task at hand.

Build Phase

Each project will have a different approach. Depending on the depth of the project, most of them will start in the disassembly phase. Each vehicle will be broken down to begin the repair and restoration stage of the build. Generally this is broken into three parts: Body , Powertrain , Suspension and frame. Each portion of the project will be broken down and repaired, restored and built as necessary.

Quality Assurance Phse

Throughout the build we strive for the highest of quality. When the project is nearly finished, we go back and test everything in the vehicle from the electronics to the drive and feel of the vehicle on the road. We make sure that everything is functioning as it should be and every bolt and nut is tight. Once, and only once the vehicle has moved through our QA phase, will it be ready for delivery.

Delivery Phase

Final delivery includes getting the vehicle prepped, cleaned and ready for you to take delivery. Each vehicle will have some time with our media team so we can get some great photos and videos of your pride and joy for you. After that, we will schedule transportation with you if the vehicle is to be sent out of town. We always recommend transporting your vehicle enclosed for safety.